W. A. S. P. – Doctor Rockter (Napalm Records)

Kardinal Sin – Mastermind (Massacre Records)

Night Viper – Never Win (Listenable Records)

Hypnotheticall – Where All The Trees Bend (Revalve Records)

Stormburner – Men At Arms (Pure Steel Records)

Steelmade – Remember When (Fastball Music)

Echotime – Sickness (Rockshots Records)

Sense Of Fear – Molten Core (Rockshots Records)

The New Deal – Canning Town Beach (Misty Recordings)

Stormzone – Dark Hedges (Metal Nation Records)

The Band Of Heathens – Trouble Came Early (Independente)

Reverence – New Order (Rock Of Angels Records)

Taina – Teil Von Mir (Independente)

Gloria – The Rain Is Out (Ya Ya Yeah)

Birds Are Indie – Come Into The Water (Lux Records)